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Contents Gallery

with Work and VIA INN,
sightseeing and VIA INN, food and VIA INN.
VIA INN for work, VIA INN for sightseeing,
VIA INN for food.

Stay active. Spend time relaxing.
Everyone has their own way of spending their time on the road, and hotels are a good place to start.
Stay at Via-Inn and make your business trip or vacation a pleasant one.

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We support business people
by providing a stress-free stay.

Selling Points

Point 01

Business Use

Close to station

All hotels are within a 5-minute walk of the station, making them ideal for business travelers.

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Business Use

Easy and smart

From reservations to check-in, the official app makes it easy and smart.

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Business Use

Ideal for desk work

With a spacious desk and multiple outlets, you can get your work done.

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Business Use

Support comfortable sleep

Relax after a hard day's work with quality bedding and loungewear.

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Business Use

A well-balanced breakfast

For a fulfilling day, Viain offers suggestions for health and vitality.

Special offers

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Here are some gourmet and sightseeing spots near the hotel that you can stop by during your business trip or vacation.

Special offers

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A special movie that takes place in VIA INN.
A "good feeling" may begin for you, too.
Please enjoy the full version where the two stories intersect.


Sato and Ryoko are classmates from college. They make plans to meet after a long time, but their paths diverge.
A "good feeling" may begin for you in VIA INN.

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Character Correlation

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